DIMENSION LUMBER-2X4,2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X12, 2X2 Stakes, Wood Lath, Cedar Shims, Furring

PLYWOOD- 1/4 Solid Core Underlay, 3/8 4PLY CDX, 1/2 4PLY CDX, GIS, 5/8 4PLY CDX,3/4 4PLY CDX, GSI,

7/16 Aspenite, T1-11

DRYWALL - 1\2 4x8 ,USG Joint Compound,Sheetrock, Durabond

WHITE PINE-1X2” ,1X3",1X 4”,1X 6”,1X 8”, 1X10”, 1X12”, 5/4X8”, 1X6” V joint

PINE MOLDING-Various Styles and Sizes

PRESSURE TREATED LUMBER-2X4 (#1),2X6, 2X8, 2X10, 2X12, 1X6, 1X8,

5/4X6 (PREMIUM DECK #1),4X4, 3X5X8 Landscape Timbers,1/2 Plywood P.T., 3/4 Plywood P.T.

INSULATION-R-11 3 1/2” X 15”, 3 1/2” X 23”, R-19 6 1/2” X 15”, 6 1/2” X 23” 4X8 Foil Faced Insulation Board1/2”, 1".

ROOFING - IKO Shingles, Roll Roofing(90lbs), Felt,Ice and Water,Drip Edge,Flashing, Ridge Vent

Roof Coating-Fiber coat, Wet and Dry, Aluminum,Foundation Coating

CONCRETE-QUIKRETE - Concrete Mix, Mason Mix Type S,Vinyl Patch, All Purpose Sand,Sand Blasting Sand, Portland Cement

Cement, Play Sand, Hydraulic Cement, Water Stop, Anchoring Cement,Bonding Adhesive, Quick Setting Cement